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Mom-and-Pop Joints Are Trouncing America’s Big Restaurant Chains

Leslie Patton | Bloomberg | May 16, 2017 There’s a limit to unlimited breadsticks after all. Americans are rejecting the consistency of national restaurant chains after decades of dominance in favor of the authenticity of locally owned eateries, with their daily specials and Mom’s watercolors decorating the walls. It’s a turning point in the history

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Are There Just Too Many Restaurants?

Wallace B. Doolin, chairman and founder of TDn2K, predicts big trends coming for the restaurant industry: Several years ago, I drove around the Phoenix market with a franchise owner who had successfully navigated the build-and-bust cycles in the telecom industry. As we approached busy trade areas, he would point to a bank and say, “There

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Net Migration 2016

This is Where US Residents Are Moving in 2016

Here are my three big predictions in regards to the present and future trends in moving and relocation: 1. While big cities might put states “on the map,” there’s certainly evidence that smaller, cheaper alternatives are proving a draw, even in places that are otherwise losing population—like Michigan, Minnesota and southern Ohio. 2. The older,

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