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Chicago Alderman Seek Control Over All City Licenses In Their Wards

Austin Berg | ChicagoNow | April 4, 2017 Chicago’s 50 aldermen hold near-despotic control over commercial activity within their wards. This has lead to an unrivaled culture of graft, greed and corruption within Windy City municipal government. But instead of taking steps to roll back extraordinary powers, some aldermen are dead set on expanding them.

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Illinois Drinking Age Could Lower To 18 Under Parental Supervision

By: Ashok Selvam | Eater Chicago| Mar 9, 2017 “Almost two years after state lawmakers brought back happy hour, Illinois legislators are pondering tinkering with booze laws again. This time they’re considering a bill which would allow 18 year olds to legally drink beer or wine at a restaurant—albeit with parental consent. Lowering the age

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Restaurant Industry Bubble

There’s A Massive Restaurant Industry Bubble, And It’s About To Burst

By: Kevin Alexander | December 30, 2016 | AS SOON AS HE WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR, Matt Semmelhack knew it was over. He’d been away from his San Francisco restaurant AQ for less than a week, but when he got back, it just felt different. It went beyond the usual concerns of the modern restaurateur.

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POLL: Should Chicago Ease Restrictions On Food Trucks?

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Trump Restaurant

Food and Restaurant Industry Split About Donald Trump Presidency

By: Julie Jargon and Annie Gasparro | November 9, 2016 | Food is food, but investors in companies that serve it at restaurants are viewing the election of Donald Trump differently than those who invest in businesses that package and sell it to supermarkets. The restaurant industry’s lobbying group said it expects President-elect Trump

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Donald and Melania Trump

Trump Victory Leaves Questions For Business

By: Joe Kefauver | November 9, 2016 | A big chunk of American citizens and corporate leaders are going to wake up this morning, tomorrow and the next day with more questions than answers on the heels of Trump’s shocking win. Nowhere are there more questions about the future than on Wall Street. The simple

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3Q: Disappointing News For Restaurant Industry

The downturn for most of the restaurant industry continued during September. Same-store sales were negative for the fourth consecutive month and chain restaurants endured another period of declining guest counts. Even restaurant job growth, which until recently had been posting solid gains, dropped considerably. This insight comes from data reported by TDn2K through The Restaurant

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Chicago Brewery

Zoning Trouble Brewing? Beer-makers, Distillers Fear Review May Push Them Out

The president of Koval Distillery likes to think that each bottle of whiskey she makes is a Chicago flag of sorts, proudly made in the city and planted in thirsty locales all over the world. “Distilled in Chicago” is printed on each label and is important to the brand. But Sonat Birnecker Hart fears the

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Chicago Liquor License

How To Obtain A Liquor License In 93 Minutes

Opening a business that requires a liquor license can be a rewarding endeavor. The City of Chicago is committed to assisting you through the process and helping you succeed. Obtaining a liquor license is a comprehensive process that involves both community input and facilities inspections. Whether you are looking to start a grocery store, restaurant,

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