Shanti Chu | LoganSquarist | April 2, 2018

While Milwaukee Avenue has pretty much become the hub for new bars and restaurants, fresh places have started to open in the western part of Logan Square this past year. To follow the pattern, X (3433 W. Fullerton Ave.), an artistic, neighborhood bar with a Caribbean-influence, is set to open this spring.

Out to Lunch Hospitality partners Chef Charles Welch, Creative Director Andrew Miller, Director of Operations Hector Gonzales and Lead Bartender Alexandra Wright (Nico Osteria, Lula Cafe, Honey’s) are opening up the bar with Caribbean-themed drinks.  It will be a 1700-square foot space with an 85-person capacity with closed-loop gardening for growing drink garnishes and composting waste.

The space will have modern interior elements reminiscent of “San Juan meets the ’80s neon craze” with live music and DJs, according to their press release.

While there are a plethora of cocktails bars in Logan Square, X Bar will be different from these bars in terms of the “energy that they bring” to the neighborhood. They will be doing a tremendous amount of rotating, creative programming with dance performances, punk, poetry, spoken word, etc. Their events can’t be categorized into one genre. There will be a heavy focus on global sounds with musicians from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, in addition to local artists, Wright said.

“There’s a lot to say about a community-based ethos—there’s a lot of value in keeping it tight and organized while still being a little bit rough around the edges,” she said. “There’s a huge artist community on the west side of Chicago that will be excited about a new home base.”

Not only is X unique with their artistic engagement but they trying to be known for their efforts in sustainability. They are committed to finding multiple ways to use the same product in order to lower waste. Lula Cafe served as a major inspiration with their in-house growing of herbs (grown on the rooftop in the summer).