Emanuel To Let Aspiring Chefs, Retailers Test Concepts In Vacant Storefronts

Fran Spielman | Chicago Sun-Times | July 24 2018 Mayor Rahm Emanuel will move Wednesday to implement his innovative plan to allow aspiring chefs and new retailers to test their concepts in vacant restaurants and storefronts. Pop-up permitting was just one of a host of mayoral reforms unveiled last spring to further improve a small

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Yelp To Display Health Inspection Ratings On Restaurant Pages Nationwide

Andria Cheng | Forbes | July 24, 2018 Restaurants and other food service operators with subpar hygiene and health inspection records, take note: Review site Yelp is set to display those scorecards on business pages listed on its platform nationwide. Yelp, which first began to post such information on some business pages in select markets in

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The 50 Best Restaurants

Jeff Ruby & Carrie Schedler  | Chicago Magazine | July, 2018 Chicago’s essential destinations, from haute tasting menus to inventive street food. No. 1: Alinea   No. 2: Oriole   No. 3: Lula Cafe   No. 4: Schwa   No. 5: Topolobampo   Full List    

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New Coworking App Utilizing Empty Restaurant Space Nears Launch

Matthew Rothstein | Bisnow Philadelphia | June 1, 2018 A new coworking app is set to launch in Philadelphia with the goal of reducing the industry’s cost and dependence on office buildings. WEach Seats, the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Matthew Weaver and Sarina Chernock, offers daytime space in restaurants that would otherwise be closed until dinner to

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The Wiener’s Circle Property Is For Sale

Ashok Selvam | Eater Chicago | June 26, 2018 No, the sky isn’t falling, but a Tuesday morning report puts the future of The Wiener’s Circle in doubt. The 36-year-old Lincoln Park hot dog stand is famous for spirited late-night banter between customers and staff. There are plans to sell the property where the 700-square-foot stand stands on the 2600 block of

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It’s Going To Take More Than A Cheesecake Factory To Save The Mall Food Court

Cameron Sperance | Bisnow | June 17, 2018 The restaurant industry was the perceived saving grace of shopping centers during the retail apocalypse. When mall owners were faced with the conundrum of how to fill vacant spaces, food and beverage concepts were a viable solution. But now even restaurants are facing a wave of closings due to overexpansion, especially midpriced casual chains like

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Uber Envisions Technology That Identifies Drunk Passengers

Chloe Aiello | CNBC | June 11, 2018 Ride-hailing apps, like Uber, have become known as safer alternatives to driving when intoxicated. Now the company is looking to learn a lot more about its late-night riders. Uber filed a patent application Thursday, first spotted by CNN, that envisions using machine learning to detect whether a potential passenger

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Anthony Bourdain’s Most Memorable Chicago Quotes

Ashok Selvam | Eater Chicago | June 8, 2018 Anthony Bourdain felt a connection with Chicago, and many of the city’s residents are reeling on Friday morning after hearing of his death. Bourdain brought the national spotlight to Burt’s Place’s pizza in the suburbs, the South Side’s mother-in-law sandwich, and Hot Doug’s gourmet sausages. Back in 2009, when No Reservations aired

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How Much Rent Is Too Much For Your Restaurant?

Paul Ficalora| Total Food Service | November 16, 2016 Rent is your largest fixed expense. Food costs are variable. If your food costs are too high, you can make menu adjustments, portion size adjustments or, as a last resort, change your chef or cook to better manage your food costs. Some high-end restaurants offer financial incentives to

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Foodservice In Retail Adapts To Consumer Demands

Bret Thorn | Restaurant Hospitality | May 24, 2018 Americans eat all day long — grabbing snacks on the go, having food delivered to their homes and workplaces, responding to changing technology and the increased availability of fast, customizable meals with increasing fickleness and growing demand for speed. No wonder foodservice in retail is growing faster

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