Ashok Selvam | Eater Chicago | April 27, 2018

The promising seafood pop-up restaurant from the opening chef at the acclaimed and short lived Honey’s has found a permanent home in Logan Square. Good Fortune will move into the space vacated by The General at 2528 N. California Avenue. Executive chef Charles Welch and creative director Andrew Miller launched the pop-up in August and it lasted through October while whetting the public’s appetitive and earning critical praise.

A news release and spokesperson didn’t provide an opening date. However, diners can already book reservations via Reserve. The first-available date is July 19. Whether they’re calling that the official opening date remains to be seen.

The restaurant is a 44-seater with a nine-seat bar and a 14-seat patio. The pop-up featured a casual atmosphere mixed in with food that showcased Welch’s fine dining skills. Creative spins on scallops, which were reminiscent of taco al pastor, and a braised octopus stood out, according to critic Michael Nagrant. The permanant spot will have more Mediterranean offerings.