The 5 Hottest Bars In Chicago Right Now

The 5 Hottest Bars In Chicago Right Now

1. Annex at GreenRiver

Green River

Meet GreenRiver’s sexier, leather-clad sister lounge. Browse pics of our visit to the intimate bar. 259 E. Erie St. Website

2. Forbidden Root

forbidden root exterior new chicago bar

A brewery and lab for concocting botanical beers and elixirs: peak beer geekism. Take a look at photos from our night out at the West Town brewpub. 1746 W. Chicago Ave. Website

3. Hopewell Brewing Co.

Hopewell Brewing Best Chicago Bars

See “Hopewell Brewing Co. Puts Lagers in the Spotlight.” Also, check out pics of our outing to the Logan Square brewery. 2760 N. Milwaukee Ave. Website

4. The Sixth

the sixth best chicago bars

Where imbibers sip from fishbowls containing ocean scenes and perfumed steam. Browse photos of our visit to the Lincoln Square cocktail bar. 2200 W. Lawrence Ave. Website

5. Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business Chicago Best Bars

Your safe haven for wearing neon slap bracelets. Take a look at all the ’80s and ’90s nostalgia. 1367 N. Milwaukee Ave. Website

(H/T Chicago Magazine)