How Pokémon GO Is Revolutionizing Restaurant Marketing

How Pokémon GO Is Revolutionizing Restaurant Marketing

Have you heard? Days after its’ US release, Pokémon GO took over the digital planet! Pokémon GO almost immediately became the number one free app in Apple’s US iTunes store.1 Within two days, it was installed in 5.16% of all US Android devices.

Best of all, you can capitalize on the craze—it’s easy and affordable (two of our favorite words). According to Slate, Pokémon GO players are making restaurant choices based on the availability of Pokémon in the area. And, restaurants are using that fact to attract customers.

First, download the app! See if your restaurant is a PokéStop or PokéGym. You’ll get natural Pokémon traffic if you’re in or near a stop or a gym, where players walk and gather to gain supplies and experience. For the most part, stops and gyms are located in/near public spaces, such as parks, churches, libraries and statues

Then, try some of these tactics to capture more business:

  • Lure ‘em in! You don’t need to be a gym or a stop. The game lets anyone attract Pokémon (and therefore its players) using Lures. These Lures are purchased in the app–for only $1 each! They can draw a rush of Pokémon for 30 minutes. Time your Lures to build foot traffic when you need it.
  • Share captures. Use social media to share images of your (or your employees’) Pokémon victories. And encourage your customers to do the same—then share those, too!
  • Encourage teams. You can also use social media for Pokémon-related promotions using the three teams/colors: Instinct/yellow, Mystic/blue and Valor/red. For example, The Fat Grass in Bay City, Texas offers $2 kamikaze shots in Pokémon team colors on its Facebook page.
  • Offer power stations or cords. The app burns LOTS of battery. And while Poke hunters power up, encourage them to fill up on food and libations.
  • Submit a PokéStop or PokéGym request. You can now submit a request here to add a PokéStop or PokéGym at your location. Only businesses locations are allowed to be submitted for request, not homes.


Add this insanely popular ingredient to your marketing mix. Use Pokémon GO to heat up your summer business and position yourself to grow with the Pokémon demand.