Chicago Brewery

Zoning Trouble Brewing? Beer-makers, Distillers Fear Review May Push Them Out

The president of Koval Distillery likes to think that each bottle of whiskey she makes is a Chicago flag of sorts, proudly made in the city and planted in thirsty locales all over the world. “Distilled in Chicago” is printed on each label and is important to the brand. But Sonat Birnecker Hart fears the

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Best Chicago Restaurants 2016

9 Chicago Restaurants You Need To Check Out Right Now

1. Oriole It’s multicourse and pricey, but the food is divine—and you can wear jeans. 661 W. Walnut St., 312-877-5339 2. Duck Duck Goat Admit it: You are intensely curious about goat fried rice. 857 W. Fulton Market, 312-902-3825 3. Roister The Alinea Group goes casual. Still, for reservations, you know the drill. CRITIC’S NOTES: The name,

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What is my restaurant worth?

Want To Know What Your Restaurant’s Worth?

What’s my business worth? It’s a question any restaurant owner asks—and why not? Everyone wants to know how much his or her home is worth, right? Unlike real estate, a business is worth the income it generates multiplied by a factor of usually two to three times the income. Two parts determine the value of

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There’s a Saved By The Bell Pop-Up Restaurant Coming to Chicago

Alright, Preppies, here’s your chance to chow down like your favorite Bayside High teens. A replica of Saved By The Bell’s The Max is serving diner fare in Chicago starting in June. Saved By The Max goes full-on ’90s sitcom right down to the payphone. The Wicker Park pop-up also announced that former Michelin-star-rated Schwa

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MAD Social opted for a soft start, running a week of mock service when it opened in Chicago. MAD SOCIAL

Pros And Cons Of Soft Openings vs. Grand Openings

When MAD Social opened in Chicago in February, it ran an entire week of soft openings to prepare for serving its real, paying clientele. “We ran it as mock service to give our staff a chance to prepare and discover anything that needed changing,” says Gina Stefani, managing partner of the Phil Stefani Signature Restaurants

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Chicago Liquor License

How To Obtain A Liquor License In 93 Minutes

Opening a business that requires a liquor license can be a rewarding endeavor. The City of Chicago is committed to assisting you through the process and helping you succeed. Obtaining a liquor license is a comprehensive process that involves both community input and facilities inspections. Whether you are looking to start a grocery store, restaurant,

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Why Chicago BYOB’s Like Nobody’s Business

Ian Adams is a big fan of BYOB restaurants. Like many Chicagoans, he started factoring in whether or not he could bring his own booze to a restaurant in his early twenties, when every little bit helped stay within his dining budget. But over time he realized there was something different about “Bring Your Own

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How To Keep Competitors From Invading Your Turf

Before signing a lease at a retail center or mixed use development, check to make sure you have some protection against potential competitors. You are all smiles as you drive up to your restaurant. A year after the grand opening, lines are still out the door and your gourmet burger concept is the talk of

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Are There Just Too Many Restaurants?

Wallace B. Doolin, chairman and founder of TDn2K, predicts big trends coming for the restaurant industry: Several years ago, I drove around the Phoenix market with a franchise owner who had successfully navigated the build-and-bust cycles in the telecom industry. As we approached busy trade areas, he would point to a bank and say, “There

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Managing Growth: When Should Your Restaurant Expand?

Timing is everything when you own a restaurant. When do you add seating? Is it time to hire new employees? Does it make sense to extend hours? Is there a need to launch a new marketing campaign? Managing growth is a challenge for many small business owners—particularly for owners trying to decide whether they should

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